ScrumShark is a simple agile project management platform built for groups of people who have desired goals to reach. This software development framework enables teams to maintain organization and collaboration even between two or more offices.

With ScrumShark, teams can start a project and work their way from there. They can follow the agile planning lifecycle, using features such as the backlog, front and back burners, and iterations. Aside from these, ScrumShark also offers the following applications: milestones, burn-down charts, sprints, story features, real-time progress, project backlog search, product backlog (with priorities), sprint back-burner, online workspace, bookmarks to projects, story validation criteria and tasks, story points and business value, story comments, story discussions, storyboards (personal and project), and a visual representation of your project's progress. For teams with goals to meet, ScrumShark is definitely the platform to consider!